HBIC_03What We Do
The Highbridge Islamic Center (HBIC) is a community based Not-for-Profit organization with 501(c)(3) status that offers free Youth and Adult Education program services. We draw our unique leadership and strength through a diversified educational setting. The Center aims to be an excellent environment able to attract, excite, and nurture diverse and committed students who are eager to know how to listen and learn. Respectively, our English for Speakers of Other Languages, Citizenship Preparation and After School Homework Help programs are open to all members of the public, regardless of race, creed, gender, religious affiliation, etc., without restriction. Further, our public program services are not connected to religious worship, instruction or proselytizing. Our mission is to prepare our underprivileged community meet new challenges. To that end, our challenge is to equip each student with the prerequisite knowledge base and competitive skills demanded by the 21st century onwards.

Background on Genesis for the Community Adult Literacy
The United States of America spend billions of dollars in the form of foreign assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa. The Obama Administration’s FY2012 bilateral Africa aid budget request was at $7.8 billion for health, governance and agriculture. $5.8 billion that is 74% of the total budget is for Investing in People assistance, which includes health and education. Nevertheless, in some remote towns in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are no schools. That means boys and girls are being denied their inalienable rights to primary and secondary education from childhood to adolescent into adulthood.

One big fortune is that, this Sub-Saharan African population with no prior formal schooling are finding themselves living, working and raising families in the world’s greatest country and city – United States of America – New York City. They are predominantly low-income underserved Bronx, Community District 4 and 5 residents and their children are first generation students enrolled in NYC Public Schools. They needed a place where they could regularly come together, learn the English language, pass their citizenship test, and tangentially harmonize their cultures in their new home, the Bronx.

This was the driving force to acquire a community supported learning center, The Highbridge Islamic Center (HBIC), in 2010. Thus, for almost 4 years it has been pressing priority and incumbent upon the leadership of the Center to provide classes for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Citizenship Preparation and After School Homework help for its increasing and underserved African, Caribbean and Latino populations.